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Help & Support

Project Brief

Our existing help & support tools have some gaps. One key issue is an architectural separation between Contact and Help. This creates friction for users who must choose which path to explore before they have all the available information. This project was aimed at exploring potential designs that would enable:

  • Create a multiple starting points, including a global access point and a robust central hub
  • Allow flexible paths towards issue resolution, providing access to self-service tools or phone, chat and in-person support
Progression of design output from early sketch, to prototype, to visual comp

Progression of design output from early sketch, to prototype, to visual comp


For this conceptual design excercise, UX partnered with product management and marketing to explore a clean-sheet rethink of the Help & Support experience. In the course of a three-day design workshop, we began with a holistic analysis of:

  • The current production environment
  • Verbatim customer feedback
  • Survey of best practices across competitive and cross-industry websites.

Our aim was to first develop a deep understanding of the user needs and system abilities, then explore a variety of potential solutions, and ultimately define a clear direction for further refinement and testing.

Using tools like primary use cases and personas, along with the broader context of our competitive research to drive exploration of customer needs, we started with a series of design exercises to kick things off. From that basis, we broke up into groups of 3-4 and began sketching. Here you can see a series of sketches my team created, the basics of which were eventually adopted and led to the final design proposal.   

A sampling of sketches my team created during the design workshop

A sampling of sketches my team created during the design workshop



At the conclusion of the workshop sessions, we presented our research and recommended design direction to senior leadership in an informal, open forum. We walked through our explorations, business and customer considerations, and of course our final sketches. 

Afterwards, the my team continued to refine the design proposal, providing updates at our weekly UX design reviews. We built a low-fidelity prototype (using Axure) and used it to execute a usability study. From that research learned a great deal and are prepared a final recommendation. This foundational work has significantly influenced the strategic plan and 18-month product roadmap.