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Profile & Settings

Project Brief

Because it was built on a legacy of disjointed back-end systems, our customers' access to their account settings and personal info was fractured. With countless sources of data to access and maintain, the site relied on link farms and single-function pages to access info like mailing address, email, phone number or user name, making it hard for customers to get a full picture of their profile info. When it came time to update and unify back-end systems, this issue became an opportunity to design a holistic system for profile access and editing.

The project was a huge opportunity and a big challenge. A central goal was to create page a layout that was easy to understand on the first visit, while at the same time presenting a wide variety of related data.  Settings pages are typically not visited often - so intuitive page layout was essential to make the page scannable on first arrival. Yet, we didn't want to hide information behind tabs, show/hide layers or even on other pages. When in editing mode, we also chose to keep the forms within the page, to maintain a lightweight feel even for relatively complex tasks. This kept the IA simple and the context visible.  

The Profile & Settings landing page

The Profile & Settings landing page


Our key goal was to bring together related info and to group related tools and controls. Our user research began with a series of tree tests and card sorting exercises to help ensure we were using the most understandable labels possible. This drove us to the Profile & Settings label, which was one of numerous tab titles we'd considered and tested. We further tested location and surrounding navigation labels, and found, in one example, that placing the customer's name next to the Profile & Settings link made it markedly easier to notice. 


Our key goal was to bring together related info, and to group related tools and controls. Our user research began with a series of tree tests and