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About Me

About Rick

Although I am deeply passionate about UX and design in general, I do try to venture out beyond the computer screen on occasion.  Here's a look at some of the other projects and endeavors I've undertaken over the past few years. 



I’ve been taking photos since age 5. It’s not a professional pursuit, but I love exploring and working on everything from portraits and event photography to time lapse and abstract composites. I often support friends and colleagues as unofficial/official photographer for all kinds of things - like store openings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, travel groups, product shots, promotional head shots and more. And I still mostly do stuff on my own - travel, street and nature photography. Over the years, I’ve had solo photo exhibits and participated in many group shows. You can find some more of my work here, here and here. I was also a founding member of Creative Collective, a group focused on collaborative photography and art events, including numerous photo outings and several group art exhibits focused on raising funds for non-profit organizations. 


This Week in Fantasy Football 

Launched in mid-2014, this passion project is where you can find me waxing philosophical on the latest NFL news, innovative drafting strategies and under-the-radar players to watch. A collaboration with blogger, author (and brother-in-law) Wade Pavlick, TWiFF is a source for fantasy football insight and guidance. We produce a weekly podcast which occasionally veers into broader sports and cultural topics.  This Week in Fantasy Football is currently at 500 fans and counting on Facebook.


Bad Seed Music 

After a youth spent as a mobile DJ and a brief stint in the radio industry, my passion for music inspired me to create hip hop record label Bad Seed Music in the early 2000s. We put out about a dozen records, and hosted many performances and parties all across the Bay Area. Although we had some underground success – including a collaboration with Bay Area legend Too Short – the most rewarding part of this endeavor was the chance to work on an artistic undertaking driven totally by passion and creativity . I focused on artist development – including photography, imaging, and material selection  – as well as marketing & packaging design. The Bad Seed Music roster included a rap artist Tone, DJ Junior High and vocalist/model Talia Terese. (Once in a while I’d hop on a record to kick a few bars). While we wound things down in 2007, the partners that I ran the business with are still my closest friends and collaborators.


Tattoo Oasis 

The ritual of tattoo has been embraced by our generation as a way to mark the significant transitions and passages we experience in our lives. People use tattoos to mark self-discovery, to declare identity, to honor loss and change, to celebrate significant bonds and triumphs. Tattoo Oasis was a Burning Man art project and theme camp devoted to celebrating and exploring the role of tattoos in marking rites of passage. As part of the project – which included a large-scale gallery and hosted lounge at Burning Man 2011 – I interviewed and photographed a number of subjects who shared their personal stories of loss, discovery and transition. As a team, we created a narrative based on those portraits, memories and stories. The camp itself was an interactive body-art studio, with numerous body painters, henna artists, and craft supplies to allow participants to get creative too. 


Green food evangelist

Since being introduced to the wonders of wheat grass in the mid 90s, and later experiencing firsthand the magical effects of clean eating, I’ve been a relentless advocate for the value of raw fruits and vegetables as a key part of a healthy diet. In mid 2011, I finally got the VitaMix I’d been eyeing for several years and began experimenting with various types of green drinks. Based on lots of informal research and after plenty of smoothies-gone-bad, I discovered a specific recipe for a green smoothie that’s been a staple of my daily diet for nearly 4 years. Because I believe in it so strongly, I love to share it with everyone I know. Aside from making it for almost all of my close friends and family, I’ve hosted several smoothie seminars, sharing my experience, recipes and beliefs with my community.