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I design intuitive UX for complex systems


A passion for creating fantastic user experiences

Relentless focus on understanding and serving core user needs

Balancing critical business needs, product features and performance priorities

Iterative approach to find delightful, intuitive solutions for complex tasks

Maniacal devotion to user-centered product design

Constant collaboration and consensus-building with key partners

This is how I approach things

wireframe and prototype samples

wireframe and prototype samples


I value research – direct user feedback, market data and usability testing – to guide problem solving. My goal is to create an engaging, intuitive customer experience. At the same time, designers bring valuable insights and broader perspective of the product roadmap and industry trends. Combining these elements is essential. 

yours truly

product strategy

Whether as designer, manager or director, I work to understand and define product strategy. This plays an important role in any project, as stakeholders establish priorities, understand tradeoffs and define critical outcomes. Plus, knowing your strategy is critical to ensure the components you're working on fit the long-term plan.  

concept sketching

concept sketching

sketching, iterating, prototyping

With research and strategy in hand, it's time to put pen to paper. I'm skilled with a broad set of methods to create and communicate a design. Whether sketching, wire-framing or prototyping, I'll tap the right tools to provide speed, fidelity or sharing - whatever is needed. Sketchbooks and whiteboards can work as well as natively-coded prototypes, depending on the stage.

here's some stuff i've made recently

Here's a selection of recent work from projects that I led or for which made critical contributions.
I've produced research, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and directed visual comps for each of these projects.